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11 Key Considerations - When You Want to Quit Your Job to Start a Property Business

Property developer Anna Harper offers an insight based on her recent experiences

In an age where being an entrepreneur is seen as glamorous and exciting, and is part of the life goals for so many of us, the idea of handing in your notice and following your dreams can be tempting. But it can be hard to know if, and when, you should quit your job to run your own venture, especially if that venture is in property, at a time when the market is hardly booming, or if your job is well-paid, respectable and/or (at least sometimes) enjoyable.

From my side, I left a great job, team and company in the city less than two years ago, to run the property investment and development company I had co-founded shortly before. The market we were focusing on promptly stalled, which has meant shifting our business model since then. But we have achieved a lot, including developing 60+ units of housing worth £8m+, and acquiring c. £5m more for our investors.

It has been a rollercoaster ride. And for me, it has absolutely been worth giving it a go, but it’s not for everyone. There really is no right answer as to whether you should give your own business a shot, or when the right time is: everyone’s circumstances and goals are different.

But if you’re considering leaving your job, there’s some realities worth considering before you dive in. These are as relevant if you’re 22 and sick of your boss already, or, like 38% of first time founders, you are over 40 and looking to start afresh on your own terms.

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