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Match Your Property to The Demographic

Matt Elder shows how streetcheck.co.uk can be used to make sure you “Sell it or Rent it” to real customers.

As a property investor, you will do one of these two actions: “Sell it or  Rent it”. With the notion of beginning with the end in mind, who are you selling it, or renting it to?

This is a question of demographics and streetcheck.co.uk has granular access to census data to help answer this question. This enables you to put hard numbers to any assumptions and move beyond ‘gut feel’ and ‘anecdotal’ evidence when investing (useful for any potential investors to verify your project).

Did I mention the whole site was free? It isn’t one of those sites where you are teased with a free bit of data and must pay for the rest of the useful information.  

Streetcheck.co.uk website
Go to streetcheck.co.uk and enter in your postcode of interest. Results will come from the postcode you’ve entered, and surrounding postcodes making up between at least 100 people (anything more granular may not preserve residents anonymity).

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