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Joint Venturing

Tim Hodges comments

Our company Vincit Group is having an exciting year so far with its new ventures from its initial sourcers' workshop in January to its property auction-trading platform launch in April. We have also started the process in an arena that is close to all our hearts but I will reveal more in a future edition when it gains traction. One venture we are developing more towards is equity partnerships.

Each of the directors has experience in one form of property partnerships so it was inevitable when we decided to develop it as a Vincit model. Our model doesn't just apply to site owners, property sourcers or investors but it extends out to other developers.  We have found this route to be very lucrative financially but also it has allowed us to develop long-standing relationships with partners who are aligned with our own ethics and values.

One such partnership comes from a relationship built up over the last six months where our values were clearly matched. When an individual comes from a place of authenticity matched by a tracked history only positive results can evolve. As it happens we are completing shortly on a deal that will gross £3.8m over two years with a 213% return on cash invested. This is an equity partnership, which reflects a level of risk; in this case, an unconditional purchase with no planning approval as yet but clearly the gain far outweighs any calculated risk. The returns, obviously important, are not our only consideration. 

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