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Success From 'Showing Up'

Woody Allen is loosely quoted as saying that 80% of success is showing up. In a follow up interview, he stated that this is the one lesson he has learned which actually worked. While it is human to focus on the number, the 80%, as if it has a precise meaning, the larger point is you need to get started, you need to take action and you need to get things done. As Tony Robbins says, let the motion define the emotion. Take action and you will feel better.

I recently attended an established property event and for me it was a way to get a fast overview of the organising company and what it stands for. In addition, there were alternative ways I could make the time investment pay dividends. As an active member of a number of online forums, I also knew a number of online 'friends' who would be attending so it was an opportunity to meet in person some of those people who I have come to know online. Finally, any large event has a viral effect as lots of folks will make the effort to attend, so it is easy to meet strangers who have a common interest. You limit the travel and cost overheads while meeting lots of people.

My success is from action
Over the years what I have accomplished myself through investing is not to me really all that special when I look at what some others have done. On the other hand when I look at people who have not taken action I am miles ahead of them. The key difference has not been any brilliance or great timing or anything 'special'. It is all down to taking action and hanging in there for the long term. Knowledge and education are important. Finding a good property deal is great. Arranging the right financing is a good idea. Still, the biggest factor, the 80%, comes from taking action and then letting time work for me rather than against me.

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