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Cognitive Dissonance

Veteran international investor John Corey comments

Why are you reading this column or even the magazine? Honest answer please.

Few read for the entertainment value. Most read because they want to gain insight, expand their understanding or make sure that the path they might already be on is still valid: a desire to learn rather than to be entertained, so what are you learning this month from the various articles?

What are you thinking?
As some of you may already recognize, the beliefs you hold in your head can be the greatest barrier to your future success - the self-limiting beliefs which create boundaries. We also are prone to group think. If a lot of people are doing the same thing, we somehow take comfort. Some would even prefer to be wrong as a group than to be right as an individual. When some large event takes place, a storm or even the credit crunch, we share a knowing look that we were caught out like the other person.

Warren Buffett has just hosted the annual Berkshire Hathaway capitalist 'powwow'. A powwow is a festival with eating, drinking and dancing. Not sure that Warren danced this year. Otherwise I think the label fits. I did not attend so I have read various accounts of this years messages and one message stands out for the UK property investor. 

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