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Strong Demand Returns to Property Markets in Poland and Czech Republic

While property prices in Poland are still relatively flat, the number of transactions continues to rise, according to the latest Q1 2015 Residential Market in Poland report by Reas.

The first three months of this year brought yet another record in terms of the number of flats sold per quarter in the six largest cities in Poland (Warsaw, Kraków, Wroclaw, Tri-City, Poznan and Lódz).

The number of flats sold increased by 2.2% compared to Q4 2014, while the number of units released onto the market during Q1 was slightly lower than the number of units sold. This is despite new regulations in Poland that require buyers to put down larger deposits than was previously required.

This is partly due to the effect of the Mieszkanie dla Mlodych (Home for the Young or MdM) subsidy scheme, which, like Help to Buy in the UK, is supporting the property markets in the largest cities.

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