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Gentlemen This is a Football - Vince Lombardi

London based property developer Tim Hodges offers practical insight

I was reading the 'Slight Edge' by Jeff Olson while on half term holiday and came across the above quote. In 1961 The Green Bay Packers lost the NFL Championship and throughout the off-season were thinking about their brutal loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. They were eager to advance their game and fine-tune their skills, which would result in winning a championship. But their coach, Vince Lombardi, decided to take a different approach.

The story goes that he addressed the players on the training ground with the words, "gentlemen this is a football". He decided to go back to basics to master the fundamentals and take nothing for granted. Simple ideas were deeply understood. He saw how experienced players lapsed into a comfort zone and forgot about the foundations on what makes a great football player.

Six months later, the Green Bay packers beat the New York Giants 37-0 to win the NFL Championship. Jeff Olson related this to everyday life whether you're looking to expand your business or improve your marriage.

In chess, you call it, "check the board" which I used when I was teaching chess. It reminded the children to go back to basics before making their next move. At The Vincit Group we are always reminding ourselves to go back to the basics, which gets relayed to all our partners, especially our sourcers.

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