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Developer’s Diary

Louise Wheeler comments on her most recent development project

As you read this, my husband Andy and I are probably just getting off the plane returning from a trip to Africa. You may be surprised to hear that my idea of fun is camping in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda and trekking through jungle, in the heat, swatting mosquitoes, just to catch a glimpse of the few mountain gorillas left in the world. My brother says I'm mad, and that if I want to see gorillas all I need to do is drive to London's Regents Park. He's right of course, but it just wouldn't be an adventure!  

I love to travel, I love Africa and I love wildlife and conservation. I also like people, so I followed this wildlife adventure with a week volunteering for an education project in Tanzania, before  finally spending a few days chilling in a remote beach hut in Zanzibar. For me, that's my 'why'. The reason I chose property, and why I work long hours and constantly strive for success in order to achieve the life I want to live. My aim is to create a stable and healthy monthly cash income derived from the portfolio we have worked so hard to build over the years using a 'buy one sell one' development strategy. But, most of all I want time to travel, time to volunteer in the UK and abroad and time to spend with my husband and family.

So, now I am back from my African adventure and reminding myself of just how fortunate I am to be born in the UK - with all the education, prosperity and freedom - what is now on the agenda?  

Well, at the tail-end of 2012 my company purchased an ex-residential home at auction. As a property developer I look at a variety of projects, from single houses to multi-unit developments, both with and without planning permission. This one already has permission to convert it into six self-contained flats. Our aim here is to improve the existing permission and add value to the development, before proceeding with the works, and then selling the flats off individually.

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