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The Future of Offices

Suzi Carter, a Chartered Surveyor with 25 years’ experience in the commercial and residential property sectors, comments

If we look back, misty eyed, to the pre-Covid times of 2019, little did we know that our work vocabulary in 2021 would include ‘You've frozen’ and ‘I think you are on mute’! We also weren't aware that our main workspaces would be the kitchen table, in the dining room or a desk in the bedroom.

After almost 18 months of the pandemic, a survey by digital workplace coaching firm, Ezra, has revealed that employees would now be willing to sacrifice promotion, pay rises and other company benefits for an opportunity to be able to continue working from home. According to CBRE, there will be an increase from 42% (pre-pandemic) to 61% (post-COVID) of companies allowing employees to choose when and where they work.

As a counter view to this, however, a new study commissioned by HowNow, a leading learning platform, has revealed that 67% of UK workers feel disconnected from their colleagues and that this is having a negative impact on how they view their job (source: Business Live).

So, what is the future of the office in this new world and where do the opportunities lie for property investors?

In the depths of the pandemic, it was easy to suppose that there was a bleak future ahead for the commercial property office sector. However, there appears to be a growing body of opinion, backed by recent evidence, that, rather than removing the demand for office space, the pandemic will rather accelerate some existing trends and change the way companies use office space.

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