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How Commercial Landlords Can Adopt a Winning Mentality to Secure Tenants

Joseph Mishon, head of expansion at Kitt, comments

As we enter a second national lockdown, working from home continues to be a reality for thousands of workers across the UK, with many businesses using 2020 as a time to re-evaluate the needs of the company and staff.

While some are considering a permanent move to remote working for their teams, there have been a number of positive announcements within the marketplace that suggest office life is far from over.

Major players, such as Netflix and Amazon, have committed to leases in the capital, despite the fact that they will not be returning until 2021, and our data has shown that this appetite for space is not just limited to large companies, with enquiries from businesses of 21-80 people increasing 117% over the last five months.

While this is a move in the right direction, this year has shown that nothing is guaranteed and rather than be complacent, landlords should also be using what is left of 2020 to rethink their approach to leasing. We are still facing the reality of a tenant deficit, with plenty of properties across the capital sitting vacant.

For too long, landlords have viewed themselves as asset owners selling space, but as we face continued flux in the commercial market, this mindset needs to change. Property owners will need to be proactive in marketing their space, acting like business owners who are selling a product, adopting a new mindset with the sole aim of ‘winning’ tenants.

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