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Don't get caught out on the commercial property bandwagon. Ranjan Bhattacharya commercial property investor and developer comments

Continual change always has ongoing impact on the property investment landscape.

Some changes are 'trends' which occur over a long period of time. These trends take place in any market which is left to itself. Such trends include: changes in the wider economy; regeneration of certain geographic areas and changes in customer 'tastes' affecting tenant and buyer demand. These trends play out over several years and property investors have time on their side to adapt their investment strategies accordingly.

Other changes happen almost ‘overnight’ and are usually brought about through Government intervention in the property market. These overnight changes typically include: changes to tax rules; changes to the planning system and changes to the regulatory environment. Overnight changes leave investors with little time to adapt their strategy in response.

Threats and opportunity
These overnight changes bring threats, but they also bring opportunity, for those who spot them early.

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