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Buying Income at Auction

Veteran property auction trader David Humphreys offers his latest analysis

Now, as far as I'm aware, there aren't any auctions selling 'income'. That is literally a pot of money or maybe a wad of £50 notes that you will receive one month, or thereabouts, after the auction and every month after that but there is, sort of.

Auctioneers selling 'income' call it 'property' and sell it along with an occupier (tenant) who every month will give you that pot of money or wad of £50's and yet this source of income is, broadly speaking, ignored by most investors who are happy putting their money into a savings account or maybe some shares and often receive far smaller pots of money and fewer £50's for their troubles.

On April 14, Auction House London held an auction at the Landmark London Hotel 222 Marylebone Road starting at 12 noon with 110 Lots, a number of which were offered with tenants in occupation.

Some caveats. 1. I am not recommending that you buy any Lots similar to those mentioned in this article. 2. It is essential that you carry out thorough property and occupier (tenant) due diligence. 3. You should take independent qualified financial advice before committing yourself to any property purchase and I am not qualified to give such advice.

The figures I have included are purely for demonstrative purposes, their accuracy is not guaranteed and cannot be relied as Due Diligence, in other words, if you are interested in any of these or similar Lots then you must do your own Due Diligence and not rely on my figures or the conclusions that I have reached.

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