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Buying Auction Property: The 2016 Strategy

Veteran property auction trader David Humphreys looks ahead

It could be agued that despite a positive start 2015 has not been the best of years for the property investment/buy to let industry as, no sooner has the market shown that the post-credit crunch recovery looked to be sustainable, the Chancellor stepped in with a series of tax hikes that has had some pundits screaming, "the glory days are over".

Now it may well be that it will be harder than before to make your million in property but regardless of the Chancellor's tax hikes, it will still be far easier to make that million than in most other forms of investment, but it may now take a bit more effort, closer attention to detail and a strategy that does not rely solely on ever-increasing property price increases.

To make your million or so, you may now have to do actually do something to/with a property rather than simply speculate on the outcome of this or that development or on government policy being in your favour.

The principal reason for property investing still being far easier to make your million is because you can still borrow a substantial part of the cost of the property; an option denied to you with most other investments. This leveraging option can accelerate the investment performance of your cash. Even borrowing just 50% of the cost of the investment could double that performance, and it is the banks not the Chancellor making the lending decisions, so unless you think George Osborne could/might ban the practice of borrowing for buy to let/property investment then it will still remain very attractive for many investors.

So how do you make your million in the current climate? Realising many years ago that a strategy of growing portfolios off the back of ever-increasing price increases was unsound, I developed and have run workshops on the strategy of 'No Money Left In' (NMLI) and on 'Tax-Free Rents', and I will be running some in 2016.

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