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$25bn to be invested in healthcare real estate in 2022

According to a new CBRE survey, investors are planning to allocate more capital to healthcare real estate in 2022, highlighting rising confidence in these resilient asset classes, including life sciences real estate, medical office buildings, and ambulatory service centres.

The CBRE survey found that most investors (85%) believe healthcare real estate to be recession resistant, up from 80% who held this view in 2021, and 84% plan to be net buyers of assets in the sector this year. In 2022, investors have allocated 57% more capital to healthcare real estate, compared to 2021, with CBRE estimating a total of $25bn in equity to be deployed into the sector this year.

Nearly half of investors (48%) said their healthcare property portfolio had suffered no impact due to the pandemic, with 35% indicating they had experienced minimum impact. Only 6% of investors said that the pandemic had severely impacted their healthcare properties.

“Healthcare and life sciences have been historically resistant to economic downturns and continue to be seen as a safe-haven for real estate investors during times of economic distress,” said Chris Bodnar, vice chairman and co-head of Healthcare & Life Sciences Capital Markets at CBRE. “As a result, investors continue to allocate more capital to these properties, which provide stability and consistently strong yields.”

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