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This year’s most popular day to move home is 26 August

The most popular day to move home this year will be Friday 26th August, according to HomeOwners Alliance and reallymoving. The analysis of almost 600,000 removal quotes collected by reallymoving found that August has been the most popular month to move home for the last 10 years. 

There were over a half a million (512,000) owner occupier moves or approximately 1,400 moves per day in 2020-21. On the most popular day of the year, Friday 26th August, 1.15% of all moves are expected on this day - approximately 5,900 homeowners. This is four times more than the average weekday. 

Looking at the most popular month and days to move, this means 61,000 homeowners will be moving in the month of August alone and 145,000 homeowners moving on Fridays over the course of the year.

Commenting on the data, chief executive of the HomeOwners Alliance, Paula Higgins, says: “Many homeowners like to move during the school summer holidays so their children can settle into their new place in time for the new academic year.

“It may seem sensible to move on a Friday, so you have time to unpack and settle in over the weekend before heading back to work. But moving on a Friday with large swathes of other people can put pressure on the professionals helping you move, which can mean extra pressure and a greater risk of delays.”

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