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‘Anti-English tax’ to stop second homes in Wales has people divided

The Welsh Government’s suggestion of a new lettings regime to resolve the country’s housing crisis continues to divide opinion amongst locals. The policy is designed to clampdown on the second and holiday home crisis, which has left local people unable to afford their own home.

Cardiff wants to put a squeeze on the sector by raising occupancy thresholds to at least 182 days per year. Failure to meet this threshold could see legitimate holiday-let business owners face a second homes Council Tax premium of up to 300%.

However, critics claim the policy will ‘decimate’ the tourism industry in Wales. Ashford Price, chairman of the National Show Caves Centre for Wales warned of the ‘serious economic damage’ the policy would cause, giving tourism sectors in England and Scotland a huge competitive edge.

A survey more than 1,500 businesses by the Wales Tourism Alliance (WTA) found that 84% of self-catering operators canvassed believe they won’t be able to continue if new lettings thresholds are imposed.

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