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New instructions and sales agreed are at about 73% of 2019 levels

TwentyEA has reported on the latest figures for activity in the market. Since the re-opening of the property market on 13th May, there have been continuous weeks of growth for New Instructions and Sales Agreed. In fact, both of these measures are now operating at around 73% of their 2019 norms.

The real low point for both New Instructions and Sales Agreed was experienced in April with both measuring at around 15% of 2019 norms. Whilst there has been a rise towards the end of April and through May, there is still a way to go before we return to 2019 levels.

However, based on the last two weeks of data, Twenty EA is expecting that June will be a lot more positive. Since the start of May, there has been the following activity: New Instructions: 60,962 (up 62%), Fall-throughs: 21,268 (up 37%), Price reductions: 23,344 (up 54%), Properties re-listed: 6981 (up 33%), and Sales Agreed: 38,124 (up 77%).

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