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Landlords selling up made £79,770 average gross gain in 2018

The average landlord who sold their buy-to-let in England and Wales last year did so for £79,770 more than they paid for it (before tax – i.e. gross), having owned the property for 9.6 years on average, according to the April 2019 Hamptons International Monthly Lettings Index.

However, this figure is £3,660 (-4.4%) less than the £83,430 average gross gain landlords made in 2017. In 2018, 85% of landlords sold their buy-to-let for more than they paid for it, with 15% making a loss.

Landlords who sold up in London last year made the biggest gain at £248,120, having owned their property for 9.6 years. This was 3.1 times more than the average landlord in England and Wales. Yet London landlords selling up last year made £24,000 less than those who sold in the capital in 2017.

The average pre-tax profit earnt by a landlord who sold up fell in five out of 10 regions between 2018 and 2017 as house price growth slowed. Landlords who sold their buy-to-let in the North East made the smallest average gain of £11,810, £4,270 less than in 2017.

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