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Property demand in the UK is up 6% annually says Emoov

The latest Hotspots Index for Q3 2018 by Emoov looks at current buyer demand levels and trends across the UK. The index revealed that property demand across the UK has increased to 39% in the third quarter, up +3% since Q2 and +6% annually.

The most notable change was seen in England with a +9% increase in the third quarter, the first time this year the country has seen positive movement. As for London, demand has remained almost flat between quarters down -1%, but has fallen by 4% over the past 12 months. Bexley is the hottest borough for current demand, while Hammersmith and Fulham has seen the largest increase in demand both quarterly and over the last year.

Across the UK’s 150 largest towns and cities demand has cooled by -3% since Q2 and -5% annually. Edinburgh is the hottest city for current demand, while Durham has seen the largest annual increase, according to Emoov.

Wales continues to rise in demand with a +7% jump quarter to quarter. Newport is the most in demand for Welsh homeowners and third most in demand across the UK.

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