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Landlords offered cash incentive to meet minimum housing standards

A pilot scheme has been launched with a view to improving property standards, increasing awareness, boosting engagement and increasing housing supply within Oldham’s private rented market.

The council is hoping to use cash incentives to encourage private landlords to make much-needed improvements to sub-standard rented homes in Oldham to ensure that they meet minimum housing standards. The trial new policy would see minimum property standards introduced, with landlords paid a cash incentive when they sign a contract with the council.

With demand for rental accommodation increasing in Oldham, the council is keen to improve standards in the local private rented sector (PRS) in the hope that it will lead to better quality housing. A chronic shortage of social housing in Oldham has led to a major shortage of social housing, leaving the council with little alternative but to try and encourage more people to consider living in the PRS.

A bond scheme is also being introduced, which guarantees that the landlord can claim money from the council, normally equivalent to one month’s rent, if their property is not left in a suitable condition once the tenant moves out. 

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