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3m Brits take action over their neighbours’ decorations

New research from Churchill Home Insurance reveals over 3m Brits have been so offended by the exterior décor of a neighbours’ property that they tried to have it removed. Of these ‘kerb appalled’ Brits, nearly half (45%) were concerned that garish exteriors on their street would devalue their property, while 30% wanted them removed because they found the décor tacky.

Churchill also estimates that an unsightly neighbouring property could reduce the price of the average home by around £29,000, while over 2.5m Brits confessed they hadn’t bought a property in the past because of the décor of neighbouring houses.

A further 22% of people say they haven’t yet, but would be deterred from putting in an offer for a home because of the exterior appearance of other houses on the street.

Londoners are most likely to have been deterred from buying a home because of the look of a neighbouring property, with over 600,000 adults in the capital (9%) having been put off by excessive décor. Londoners are also most likely to demand their neighbour remove offending items or decorations, with over a million adults in the capital (16%) taking action over their neighbour’s unsightly adornments.

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