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Average Property up £10,177 in 2020, Housing Stock Now Worth £9.06trn

Zoopla has revealed that the average value of a home in the UK rose by £10,177 in 2020, equating to an increase in value of £27.81 per day.

Despite the rollercoaster year caused by Covid, and the subsequent lockdowns, average housing values increased in all parts of the country in 2020.  Properties in England benefited from the highest increase in value at £11,037 (£30.16 per day), followed by Wales with an increase of £8,706 (£23.79), Northern Ireland with £5,575 (£15.23) and Scotland with £4,408 (£12.04).

In England, the best performing regions outside of London were areas with higher property prices. The South East ranked in first place, with the average property in the region increasing in value by £12,552 in 2020. It was followed by the South West (£11,671), the East of England (£10,108), the East Midlands (£9,470) and the North West (£9,059).

Properties in Wales ranked in sixth place with an annual increase in value of £8,706, higher than those in the West Midlands (£8,576) and Yorkshire and The Humber (£8,331). Meanwhile, properties in Northern Ireland (£5,575) performed better than those in the North East of England (£5,084) in 2020.

Coastal and rural locations lead
Reflecting the desire of many that were looking for a change of scenery and more space, locations outside London with the biggest increase in housing value include homes in coastal and rural locations.

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