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Half of the top 10 ‘most dynamic cities of 2017’ are in Asia

The world’s most dynamic cities in JLL’s fourth annual City Momentum Index (CMI), all have the ability to embrace technological change, absorb rapid population growth and strengthen global connectivity. According to the report, Asian cities make up half of the top 10 this year, with Bangalore grabbing the top spot for the first time - held by London in the last two years.

Covering 134 major business hubs across the globe, the annual index tracks the rate of change of a city’s economy and commercial real estate market and identifies which cities have the most dynamic conditions.

Five cities from China made it into the top 30. They are - Shanghai (4), Beijing (15), Shenzhen (22), Hangzhou (26) and Nanjing (29) – even as the Chinese economy shows signs of slowing.

Infrastructure investment has been the key to Shanghai's recent momentum, and the Shanghai metro plans to add another 250km of track and nine additional lines by 2025 to relieve congestion around the city.

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