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Raising Private Finance

Bristol based property developer Susannah Cole comments

Raising Finance is one of the three Core Property Skills, of Funding, Finding and Farming. These are the simple, though not always easy, set of skills needed to become successful in property.

Raising finance may be private finance, joint venture finance, bridging, commercial funding or good old buy to let mortgages.  I tend to mentally separate my raising finance goals into Formal Finance and Private Finance.

Finding Investors
The first question I get asked is, how do you find investors?

I'm so enthusiastic about working in property I simply tell everyone I meet what I do and that I work with my own and with investor funds and we both make money.  If they are interested they ask questions, often subtly, around how investors make money with me, which will lead to a conversation.

Another route is to attend Property Meetings and stand up and introduce yourself when they ask for service providers. There is a whole network of property meetings throughout the country.

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