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East London's 'Silicon Roundabout' Outshines All Other UK Tech Hubs

East London's 'Silicon Roundabout' is home to a greater density of technology firms than any other location in the UK, from Manchester to Glasgow - and hosts 70 times the density of tech firms in Cambridge's world-renowned hub.

In the inaugural London Hubs Tracker from Stirling Ackroyd, a study of every single registered business in the country reveals the domination of the UK's technology industry by this small corner of London.

London's EC1V postal district, adjoining the famous 'Silicon Roundabout', is home to nearly eight times (7.83x) the density of registered technology companies than Manchester's 'Silicon Mill', the densest postal district for technology companies outside of London.

Compared to other hubs across the country, the capital's core EC1V tech district is 16 times more densely packed than Birmingham's B3 (the 'Silicon Canal'), 17 times Brighton's BN3 district ('Silicon Pier'), 20 times Bristol's BS1 ('Silicon Gorge') and 33 times the concentration of tech business in Glasgow's 'Silicon Glen' in the G2 area.

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